In -2020

Ashraful Sifat has garnered widespread acclaim both online and throughout Bangladesh for his innovative and captivating photographic concepts. His unique talent has particularly resonated within his local community. In recognition of his exceptional work, Ashraful Sifat was honored with the Best Street Photographer award at the second National Photography Contest & Exhibition 2020, organized by the Narail Photographic Society. This prestigious accolade serves as a significant source of inspiration for Ashraful Sifat as he continues to advance in his photographic career.

In -2023

Ashraful Sifat has been distinguished as the Best Photographer in Narail Zila by the esteemed Tomar Chokhe Bangladesh Group. This recognition highlights his exceptional talent and dedication to the art of photography. Known for his creative vision and ability to capture the essence of his subjects, Ashraful Sifat continues to make a significant impact in the photographic community. As part of this prestigious honor in 2023, he was awarded an iPhone 14, further motivating him to pursue excellence in his craft and continue his inspiring journey in photography.